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ÄMNE: Erbjudande till alla på Fö

Erbjudande till alla på Fö 30 aug 2011 07:54 #40884

Hello every one.

First i want i say a few words about our hosting company called Kazi Networks.
In 2004 we started as a small free time project, mainly for hosting our own websites and our friends websites.
In 2009, we had grown so much that the Danish connections simply couldn't support our needs for a good service, so we decided to moved to Sweden in 2010 and rented a server room from a service provider, which gave us a direct connection to the IXP.
This means that we can run with no traffic limit at all and maintain an up-time of 99.9%.
Now its time to expand to the Swedish market as well and therefore, i would like to offer every one at Fö 10% off on our hosting packages.
All you need to do, is use this promotion code when you order: Foretag

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us.

Best regards
Morten de Nully
Kazi Networks HB
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