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In this press release were going to present our business plan and visions. This is the first official press release for Skan Solutions.

Our Passion... social media marketing. After years of online marketing and website designing, we decided to start a business out of our hobby. In December 2012 we started out planning the website and business plan. 1 month later we now have an established website with good services.

Our Vision... to help small businesses succeed in the world of online marketing. We want to change the way companies do their marketing, and give them the tools to do it the most effective way. Most of the small business owners now a day only use one social media to do their marketing, and it usually is Facebook. Facebook is great yes, but to really succeed you’ll need to use at least 3 social Medias. We at Skan Solutions focus on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Combining these three powerful social medias, and doing the marketing the right way, it’s easy to build your business network.

Let us help you...

...get successful and increasing your sales in the future. Visit our site today, and see if we got the service you need.

Staffan Nylund
CEO @Skan Solutions

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