From Medicinal chemistry to Business development ?

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I have a PhD in organic synthesis and one year Post Doc experience. Less than 2 years ago, I\'ve started to work as a medicinal chemist in a big pharmaceutical company in Europe, I\'m 32 years old. I like R&D but I feel and realize it is not what I\'d like to do all my life. It\'s late but basically, I\'m also ambitious and I don\'t really see what positions I could hold staying in research. I would still like to work in the pharmaceutical area but with a stronger business environment / context. I\'m interested in \"Business development\" within the pharmaceutical / biotechnology industries. I have questions about it: I\'d like to apply for a short 1 year MBA now (I can finance it myself) before to apply for a new position in Business development at about 33-34 years old. - Do you think it make sense ?
- Am I too old to apply for a position in Business Development while many other candidates will have a strong business background (with work experience I do not have)
- Could I expect higher salaries in a Business development career compared to a career in R&D ?
- What would the average salary be when I start and what would the perspective and evolution of it be ?

Please help.

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