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ÄMNE: CAD drawings for all

CAD drawings for all 05 dec 2012 21:36 #45461


I want to introduce you to my service. Working drawings for all structures: wood, concrete, metal, brick.
Very easy: Submit your ideas, requests and what I to do during the day.
More than 15 years of experience in construction and architecture.


Re: CAD drawings for all 06 dec 2012 15:30 #45463


I'm a CAD draftsman and designer, I drawing all types of buildings (homes, buildings, factories, metal structure, wooden structures, concrete structures.

I have a suggestion to all interested:

If you know someone who needs this service, share it with me and you will get a negotiated percentage. I think it's a reasonable offer.

Very simple:
send a hand sketch, a picture and description and I draw.


sell a house or apartment, sketching the basics and I draw them for 1 hour,

you want to upgrade and expand the building,

want an industrial tent (warehouse, garage, agriculture, industry)

there are many other ways to cooperate in a CAD drawing.


Re: CAD drawings for all 09 dec 2012 17:59 #45486

Av ditt val eller norm.

- Baserat på den omfattande
- Bottenvåningen, första våningen
- Basen i taket
- Två sektioner
- 4 fasader
- Statisk analys

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45kr / 1m2
Moderatorer: Patrik Nilsson

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