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Service Business 27 aug 2006 17:04 #3726


I have a business idea, that's coming from Canada where iam from.

And I want to find a company to buy my business concept.

My business idea, is offered to the public on a rental basis providing a

service to the people.

This is a multi million dollar operation in Canada, US and other countries.

This kind of service is not here in Sweden yet, and I want to have it here.

Anyone who is interested in this business, needs to know that's a very

expensive start up cost for this company, but it also generates back a flow

of money that in a short time, the money you have invested you will have back.

It's a huge market for this service kind of business and NO COMPETITION!

So you will have the whole market.

Only very serious business people who have money to invest, at least a million

or more, contact me and we can talk more about it.
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